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June 16/19, 2021

Lettuce Mix - A delicious blend of greens for a salad base to add any combination of toppings

Cucumber - Flavour your water, make a sandwich or add in a salad!

Beets - Tops are edible too - add to salad, steam or sautee!

Turnip - Try steaming the tops!

Pea Shoots (smallest bag) - Excellent salad or sandwich topper!

Scallions (onions) - Cooked or raw, these onions add great flavour to any dish.

Basil - Mince and add to a salad, or infuse your water.

Arugula - This cutting has a very strong flavour when eaten raw. It can be added to salads or sandwiches, but the flavour will be less strong if it is heated (ie. added as a pizza topping, sauteed etc.). Also makes a tasty pesto!

Spinach - Delicious in raw or cooked dishes.

Sage - Both leaves and flowers are edible. Flowers are a flavourful garnish in a salad or on top of a pasta dish.


Although we do our utmost to rinse field dirt from everything in your share, it is not fully washed and we recommend that you wash everything before consumption to remove any remaining soil.

We do our best to avoid the use of plastic bags but for some items it is unavoidable in order to maintain product quality and for the practicality of transporting it home.


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