Our farm store offers the following products - all grown, produced or handmade on site:

  • Produce - grown from untreated, non-GMO seed without chemical pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides or herbicides. 

  • Preserves 

  • Prepared foods - including soups, sauces and ready to eat salads 

  • Pasture raised whole chickens

  • Baked goods

  • Lip balm

  • Soap

The farm store is closed until spring 2021.  

In the meantime, click the image to the left to shop 

our online store and arrange contactless pickup

of our available products. 


We're proud to link you to fellow local artisans in our community by offering their remarkable products alongside ours:

  • Maple syrup and honey from the Moore Family (Fleetwood Hills Farm)

  • Beef (100% grass fed & finished) from Pheonix & Arnold

  • Handcrafted aprons from Pat Staley

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