The Farm Store Update:

Our physical store is now closed until spring 2022.

Visit our online store for a selection of our pasture raised chickens, frozen and dried items, preserves, honey and maple syrup.  Click the icon above to shop online.

Our farm store offers the following products - all grown, produced or handmade on site:

  • Produce - grown from untreated, non-GMO seed without chemical pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides or herbicides. 

  • Preserves 

  • Prepared foods - including soups, sauces and ready to eat salads 

  • Pasture raised whole chickens (twice annually in small quantities)

  • Baked goods

  • Lip balm

  • Soap

We're proud to link you to fellow local artisans in our community by offering their remarkable products alongside ours:

  • Maple syrup and honey from the Moore Family of Fleetwood Hills Farm in Janetville

  • Gluten & wheat free baked goods from Frankie's in Uxbridge

  • Beef and lamb from the Shealand family in Bethany

  • Pork and water buffalo from Tipsy Willow Farm near Peterborough

  • Organic, locally grown premium dried herbal teas from Foggy River Farm in Uxbridge

  • Gourmet dog treats using all natural, human-grade organic ingredients from Panda & Co. Dog Bakery in Clarington 

  • Soy based, wooden wick candles hand poured by Woodsy in Caesarea

  • Beautifully crocheted items for your home by Heather of One Stitch & Jennifer of Farm Girl Creations

  • One-of-a-kind greeting cards from Creations with Jenn in Sunderland

  • Handcrafted aprons made with one-of-a-kind fabrics from Nanos Aprons by Pam Staley

  • Hand sewn articles from Pasatiempo by Ma in Port Perry