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Organic Gardening 101

Ignite your imagination and passion for growing your own food by learning how to grow a successful and productive organic vegetable garden.  This 3-hour seminar will give you an understanding of what plants need to grow, how to plan and plant an organic garden, and how to deal with common challenges encountered by gardeners, including weeds, pests, and diseases.  This seminar will benefit all gardeners from beginner to intermediate looking to grow in any size space: apartment or condominium balconies or patios, small or large backyards, or a plot in a community garden.

What you'll learn

- What a garden needs

- Starting a garden

- How to plant a seed and get it to grow

- Plant and seed selection 

- Gardening tools

- Planting 

- Fertility and fertilizers

- Pest and disease management

- Weeds and weeding 

- Water and Irrigation

- Organic gardening practices

Who this seminar is for

This seminar is for new gardeners who want to know the detailed steps to creating an edible garden. It is also for experienced gardeners who want to expand their knowledge of soil, plant selection, pest and disease control. 


The seminar does not require any materials or previous knowledge. 

An in depth seminar handout, which includes web links with additional information, will be emailed to you prior to the seminar.  To get the most out of the seminar we ask that you read it over prior to arriving to give you some familiarity since a lot of topics will be covered in a short time.  

Registration Information

Seminar Length: 3-hours

Cost: $33 (required at time of registration; non-refundable)

Capacity: max. 10 participants

Location: Hinterland Growers (1740 Scugog Line 4, Port Perry)

Date Options:

  • Saturday, April 27, 1:30 - 4:30pm

  • Wednesday, May 15, 9am - 12noon

Interested in learning how to grow your own bountiful garden this summer?

Registered participants: access handout here (password provided upon registration)

“Eating is an agricultural act.” ― Wendell Berry

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