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Produce+ Card

The Hinterland Produce+ card is a prepaid loyalty card that is redeemable for produce in our store.

What the card offers

* SAVINGS. Eating healthy at an affordable price can be challenging. The Produce+ card offers you savings on produce and is a way for us to show you our appreciation for your loyalty to us. Our early bird price (see below) offers greater savings because your early payment is appreciated to help us with the significant growing costs incurred early in the season.

* FLEXIBLE SHOPPING. Committing to weekly pick ups on a set day for a whole season can be difficult with changing schedules. The Produce+ card allows you the flexibility to shop our wide selection of in-season produce when it works best for you. And there’s no need to worry about missing a pick up or making arrangements if you go on vacation!

* YOUR CHOICE.  Everyone’s vegetable needs and preferences are different. Some can make volumes of leafy greens disappear quickly, while for others one head of lettuce lasts for a week. Exotic is exciting for some and stressful for others! With the Produce+ card you can choose your preferred types of vegetables in quantities that can be enjoyed before they spoil.


Additional Details

* valid for in store purchases of any fresh produce
* card value does not expire (balances carry forward to the next season)
* card value cannot be replaced if card is lost

* cards are not refundable
* cards are available for purchase throughout the season

Card Amounts

Pay $200 and get a complimentary $20 bonus = $220 card value

Pay $500 and get a complimentary $60 bonus = $560 card value


How it works

1. Complete the form below and send payment to order/reserve your Produce+ card. (If you have a loaded card from last year and want to top it up, complete the form and select desired amount).
2. Pick up your card on your first to the store this season.  Present your card in store when paying for your purchases. The amount of your purchases will be deducted from your card. 
3. Once the card value is used, the card can be reloaded with another amount at any time.


Have a card and want to check the balance?  Click here

Did you know that we also offer a weekly produce basket program (CSA)? 

Read more here to determine if it's a good fit for your needs!

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“Eating is an agricultural act.” ― Wendell Berry

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