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About Hinterland Growers

Situated on 10 acres, 1 minute south of Port Perry, Hinterland Growers is a small-scale, certified organic farm using a model of ecological, polyculture farming operated by the Loback family since 2016.


Our mix vegetable production is designed and operated under a bio-intensive market-garden model characterized by raised beds, intensive planting, composting and companion planting.  

We use the best hand tools, appropriate machinery and minimum tillage practices combined with systematic planting and weed and pest management to grow organic, healthy and flavourful food.  


Growing Practices & Values




We do not use any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides or herbicides. None of our seeds (vegetable or cover crops) are GMO's or chemically treated. 



Everything is grown on-site so it is traceable from seed to harvest.


Integrity and Transparency

We keep no trade secrets. So if you have any questions, just ask!

“The shorter the chain between raw food and fork, the fresher it is and the more transparent the system is.” 
― Joel Salatin

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