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Produce Basket Share Program (CSA)

What is a Produce Basket Share:


As a Hinterland produce basket member, you pre-purchase

a portion of vegetables at the beginning of the season to

help us as your local farmer with the costs associated with

growing your food, including seeds and fertilizer.
In return, you and your family enjoy the cost savings of a

bountiful selection of fresh vegetables that have been

grown exclusively on our farm. 

Each week our goal is to include an ever-changing variety of in-season traditional vegetables including carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, squashes, onions and cucumbers.  Fresh herbs, a selection of melons as well as unique

vegetables such as Asian greens, eggplant and fennel will also be included throughout the season.

While members certainly share in the bounty of the garden, they also share in the risk. Every season offers us something new in terms of climatic conditions, which affects pests, diseases and overall plant health. While we aim to grow a wide variety of vegetables, we cannot guarantee any specific vegetables until we harvest them since we work within the boundaries set out by nature.



Produce shares must be picked up at our farm on Thursdays from 1:00-6:00pm for 18 consecutive weeks beginning June 27 until October 24. 


The total cost for the season is $648 ($36/week x 18 weeks)

* Payment may be paid in full ($648) at time of registration or in 2 equal payments of $324 (one with registration and the second on the first pick up day in June).

* Forms of payment: Etransfer to, cash, debit (in-person)



Limited spaces available!  Register early to reserve your spot for the season!

Have you heard about our Produce+ Card program? 

Check it out here as an alternate way to enjoy fresh veggies option or in combination with a share. 

Non-refundable Payment Options
Payment Method

NOTE: Payment is required for registration to be processed.

Thanks for your registration!

We'll send you an email confirmation of your registration after payment has been received.

“The shorter the chain between raw food and fork, the fresher it is and the more transparent the system is.” 
― Joel Salatin

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