Off Season Farm Store Hours

Between now and Christmas, the farm store will be open reduced hours on select Fridays and Saturdays with our own veggies, soups, pastured chickens, pickles and jams as well as local honey and maple syrup, .  


Friday, November 20: 10am-4pm  

Saturday, November 21: 10am-4pm

Hinterland Pasture Chickens

We use 6 ft. X 12 ft. X 6 ft. high floorless, portable field shelters housing about 25 birds each to grow these 9-week meat birds. Moved daily to a fresh pasture paddock, these birds receive fresh air, exercise, sunshine, and all the non-GMO local grain they want. These birds are given no hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics and are not pumped with water, resulting in a more flavorful nutrient dense meat with minimal cook down.

Whole chickens (no cut ups) average 6-7lbs.  $5.25/lb.

Local fresh food
for everyone.


Experience the benefits of eating in-season, nutrient dense, organic produce, and enjoy the peace of mind about the health, safety and ethics of your food.

“The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.” 
― Michael Pollan

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