July 15/18





Full/Standard Shares:


Butter Lettuce


Green Onions


Sugar Snap Peas - eat it all except the stem!


Roma Tomatoes


Beets (candy cane)


Summer Savory - delicious on buttered garlic bread or with tomatoes (sauce, bruschetta, soup)


Mustard Greens - These leaves have a horseradishlike kick when raw, but can be mellowed by cooking.  https://www.cleanplates.com/know/nutrition/mustard-greens-the-new-kale/#:~:text=Mustard%20greens%20are%20packed%20with,mellow%20it%20by%20cooking%20them.


Swiss Chard (peppermint) - one of our favourite ways to enjoy is in a recipe for creamed swiss chard.  There are many versions, but here's one to get you going: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/creamed-swiss-chard-with-lemony-breadcrumbs-51223840


Collard Greens - Beautiful big leaves from the broccoli and cabbage family.  Best cooked, like in this recipe: https://cookieandkate.com/quick-collard-greens-recipe/


Lettuce Mix


Sweet Pepper


Sunflowers (ornamental)






Essential Shares:


Iceberg Lettuce


Green Onions


Roma Tomatoes


Sugar Snap Peas - eat it all except the stem!


Beets (candy cane)


Oregano - perfect pairing with tomatoes


Sweet Pepper








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