June 17/20

Lettuce Mix


Radishes - For something new try a recipe for cooked radishes! Cooking them softens the "zing' if the zing isn't your thing!

Beets - Tops are edible too - add to salad, steam or sautee!

Turnip - Try steaming the tops!

Mizuna (green leaf - bunched in bag with mustard greens) - Add some to a salad or sandwich, or sautee or steam.

Mustard Greens (red leaf - bunched in bag with mizuna) - Add some to a salad or sandwich, or sautee or steam.

Choi - bok choi (large leaf) and tatsoi (smaller rounder leaf)

Pea Shoots (smallest bag) - Excellent salad or sandwich topper!

Chives - Chop the tender stems or break up flower heads to garnish dishes to add onion flavour.

Sage (flowers and leaves) - A beautiful garnish in salads and sauces!

Potted basil plant (choice of cinnamon, lime, lemon) - Basil requires lots of sun and heat. Transplant it outside (in a larger pot or garden) once nighttime temperatures are consistently warm....until then, keep it in the pot so you can bring it inside if needed.


Although we do our utmost to rinse field dirt from everything in your share, it is not fully washed and we recommend that you wash everything before consumption to remove any remaining soil.

We do our best to avoid the use of plastic bags but for some items it is unavoidable in order to maintain product quality and for the practicality of transporting it home.

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